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PAWS is only able to continue to help the Bitou community because of donations and fundraising efforts. If you want to get involved i any one of our projects, causes or events just download the form below.

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Get Involved with Plett Animal Welfare Service

Below are some of the many ways you can get involved with Plett Animal Welfare Service.

Adopt a Pet

Adoption is a BIG decision to make. It’s a life long commitment so please make sure that you are ready,

Donate to PAWS

We are committed to helping you and your family to find the perfect addition to your family.

Sponsor a Spay

Sponsoring the spay or neuter of an animal is a great way to make a difference. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged.


If you have a way of raising funds for our animals and don’t mind giving your time and skills, let’s work together.

Volunteer With Us

They’re always happy to see the volunteers who walk them, play with them, groom them and provide extra tender loving care..


One of the ways you can help us, is by including us in your will. If your will is already drawn up......

Adopt a pet or help save everyone

 We understand finding the right pet for your home can be a little stressful, but we are committed to helping you and your family to find the perfect addition to your family.


Older dogs can be a wonderful new beginning 


Puppyhood is a time of unapologetic energy, & exciting places to explore


We have lots of cats to choose from, just click to view


Some of themost adorable kittens on offer, why not adopt two.

Share your Love Stories

Everybody deserves to be loved, and every homeless pet deserves a loving family to call their own. If you adopted from Plett Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) we want to hear all about your experience.

Every adoption story has the potential to make you believe in the good in people right when you’re ready to swear off all humanity.

Sucess Stories

Together, we make a difference.
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Become a Sponsor Today

Every day animals in need of help arrive at our shelter. Some just need food, shelter and exercise while they wait for their new homes. Others need more – veterinary care, socialization, training, time and patience. All of them need hope.

PAWS invites you to help support the animals, who for a time must call the shelter home, by sponsoring a kennel, a spay or a care package. We rely solely on contributions to provide the services these animals desperately need.

Whether you want to advertise your organization, memorialize a loved one, honor a special furry friend, or you’re just searching for that perfect gift, then Sponsoring a Kennel is just for you! 

Your compassion, kindness and generosity means so much to homeless pets in need.

Help Care for our Animals

We are so thankful that you are considering sponsorship. There are animals and more who rely on sponsorship to help support their care. 

Kennel Sponsor

Spay Sponsor

Care Package

The donation payments will be made via eft,paypal or snapscan

Meet our Professional team

On any given day Plett Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) is responsible for animals with diverse needs. For many, PAWS is the only place they will find help, and that is exactly what you get from our dedicated staff – Tracy & Robert

Kennel Manager

Tracy, our Kennel Manager, is responsible for the smooth running of our kennel facility, the care, nursing and general welfare of our animals


Robert, our Inspector, has a weekly schedule during which he travels to the various townships to dip, de-worm, attend to minor wounds, etc.

With us, a dog stops subsisting, and starts living!

Interested in adopting or just knowing more about what we do, fill in the form below .

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Join some of our Projects and Events

PAWS is a non profit organization and we depend on money raised from our events and various projects

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