Welcome to Plett Animal Welfare Service

Plett Animal Welfare Service began operating as an NPO in 2002. Chaired by Mrs Diana Butlin, it services the entire Bitou region, an area of 992 square kilometres, including urban areas, farms, townships and informal settlements

Meet Our Professional Team

On any given day Plett Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) is responsible for animals with diverse needs. For many, PAWS is the only place they will find help, and that is exactly what you get from our dedicated staff – Tracy & Robert

Tracy van der Byl

Kennel Manager

Tracy, our Kennel Manager, is responsible for the smooth running of our kennel facility, the care, nursing and general welfare of our animals

Robert Ruiters


Robert, our Inspector, has a weekly schedule during which he travels to the various townships to dip, de-worm, attend to minor wounds, etc.

Knowing Yourself

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

Know More

Many of the residents in the Bitou townships live below the breadline and cannot afford even the most basic veterinary care for their animals. PAWS relies on the generosity of the Plett community and regularly organises fundraising activities to sustain a basic service to these communities.

PAWS Educational Projects

We believe that an appreciation for animals, and guidance in their care, should start with our children. We have produced our own educational film, featuring local children and animals, which aims to address specific local animal welfare issues. We have also developed other educational materials such as workbooks for use in schools. When possible we pay The LunchBox Theatre to present their educational play, “Life of a Dog” in schools. We help learners with their social awareness projects, as they are rewarded with certificates for time dedicated to PAWS.


After several years of dedicated fund-raising, PAWS opened their own kennel facilities on 7 February 2013.
The kennels are situated just off the N2, just after New Horizons, on the right, driving towards Knysna.
We rent an adjoining property that will be used for various PAWS events. Our kennel facilities for strays, injured animals and lost dogs and cats, features large open exercise yards and a spacious cattery. Our residents are loved and well-cared for until they are successfully re-homed.


Our primary health care services for dogs & cats in the Bitou area, include:

• Daily dipping and de-worming clinics in townships.
• Community spay days for mass sterilisations.
• Financial assistance for spaying and neutering.
• Basic cleaning and bandaging of wounds.
• Mass vaccinations in conjunction with local vets.
• Rehoming of animals – surrendered, confiscated or brought in.
• Rehabilitation and treatment of these dogs and cats.
• Trapping and neutering feral cats, and rehoming, where possible.
• Education programmes at schools and assistance with social awareness projects.
• Euthanasing animals (PTS) in conjunction with vets.
• Response to complaints / referral to Law

Enforcement – barking, dog fighting, fireworks.

• Advice on problems with animals.
• Investigations into abuse of animals, for possible criminal prosecution.