Did you know, that when you adopt a dog  you save 2 LIVES?
The life of your new family and the life of another unwanted pet that can take their place in the shelter.

Adoption is a BIG decision to make. It’s a life long commitment so please make sure that you are ready, willing and able to dedicate the next 10 -15 years of your life to taking care of your new pet. We understand finding the right pet for your home can be a little stressful, but we are committed to helping you and your family to find the perfect addition to your family.



If you have a way of raising funds for our animals and don’t mind giving your time and skills, let’s work together to help those that can’t do it for themselves! If you have any idea, big or small, that will help us to raise funds, please let us know



Some of our animals stay at PAWS for some time before they find a home. Although they get to play in exercise runs and get taken for walks by our staff, they’re always happy to see the volunteers who walk them, play with them, groom them and provide extra tender loving care.

You’re most welcome to become a PAWS volunteer: you’ll be required to complete a form and you’ll be shown the ropes. After that, you can come and spend time at PAWS whenever you like (when we’re open).

Children under 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult, as we do not want to lose an animal or have injuries.

So, come along and try it – you’ll love it and so will the animals.



One of the ways you can help us, is by including us in your will. If your will is already drawn up, you can add a codicil to your existing will without having to rewrite your will, in which you can bequeath funds, property or anything else you think may assist us to continue helping animals in need.

Need more information on how to get involved?

As much as we love getting the public involved the animals love and appreciate it even more. Should have any further inquiries as how you , friend or family member can involve please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to answer all your questions!